esafety @ Bodriggy

The eSafety Group is comprised of the following members of staff and a Link Governor:

  • Dominic Wood
  • Brioney Henshall
  • Carleen Hannaford
  • Matt Geyman

The purpose and responsibilities of the school's eSafety Group and its individual members are outlined below (full details of the Group's Roles and Responsibilities and Terms of Reference may be found in the current version of the eSafety Policy on pages 2 to 7 and 22 - 23 respectively).

As a body, the group has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • To review the eSafety policy annually or in response to an incident.
  • To monitor the eSafety Group Incident Log.
  • To discuss training needs including school staff and parent/carer awareness and in response to parent questionnaire data.
  • To co-ordinate events, i.e. Safer Internet Day, Anti-Bullying Week etc.
  • To monitor the delivery and effectiveness of the eSafety Policy.


Associated School eSafety Policies

Policy Issued Review Due
AUP - Foundation and KS1 Aug '17 Jan '20
AUP - KS2 Aug '17 Jan '20
AUP - Parent and Carer Aug '17 Jan '20
AUP - Staff Aug '17 Jan '20
AUP - Supply Teacher Oct '18 Oct '20
Electronic Device Search and Deletion July '17 July '20
eSafety Sep '17 Jan '20
Freedom of Information Oct '17 TPAT document Oct '20
Personal Data Handling July '17 TPAT document Oct '20
Publication Scheme Mar '18 Mar '20
School Privacy Notice Mar '18 Mar '20
School Technical Security July '17 Jan '20
Social Media Sep '17 Sep '20
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