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Personal Development

What do we want for Bodriggy Academy children?


We are always incredibly proud to have the chance to show visitors around our school and are sometimes asked what we aim to provide for our children. Part of the response would highlight our collective desire to teach children to:


  • read;
  • write;
  • 'count' (be comfortable with mathematics);
  • build positive relationships both in person and online;
  • keep themselves safe and healthy, both physically and emotionally;
  • learn to swim (because of where we live), and
  • care enough about Hayle that we want to help make it an even better place to be.


But even more than that, as you walk around our school and visit classes, you will see children who are engaged, involved and able to talk about their learning. There is a collective buzz of enthusiasm and purpose, with awe and wonder a part of our daily lives. We are acutely aware that it is our responsibility to make the most of every opportunity that the primary years should provide our children; it's their time, and they only get to do it once.


Personal Development is central to this and runs through everything we do at Bodriggy. We do this by making the most of 'now'. As one new parent said to us on her first tour:


'This is a school that celebrates childhood'.


We hope the photos below give an insight into how.


Personal Development at Bodriggy Academy

Personal Development helps pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work with an impact on academic and non-academic outcomes.

What is SMSC?


It is the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of the children in our school. This is not a separate subject that is taught explicitly but an aspect of learning that should be present in lessons and behaviour in school. Some lessons lend themselves more easily to direct SMSC development such as PSHE and RE. We also aim to develop SMSC through behaviour expectations, our attitudes in school and through wider opportunities.


Click the logos below to see what SMSC looks like at Bodriggy Academy.

The Threads of Personal Development

Personal Development is not something that is explicitly taught, but is woven into every aspect of children's learning. Through the inclusion of the following threads, we aspire for children to become well rounded citizens who can go out into the world with all the skills to be the best they can.


Click on one of the logos below to find out more.

Assembly themes - Autumn 1

Preventative Curriculum & Character Development


Within the teaching of Personal Development it is vital that children of Bodriggy are provided with opportunities to learn about keeping themselves and others safe (preventative curriculum) as well as developing skills that will enable them to become well rounded citizens (character development). 


At Bodriggy, character development is the wider personal development of a child beyond the academic education they receive in school. It aims to instil in pupils a number of key characteristics and values such as kindness, resilience, honesty, motivation and humility, all of which will help them be successful, future citizens.


We aim to ensure that there is a coherent, whole-school approach to behaviour, creating a school that is safe and secure and promoting positive relationships between pupils and staff. This in turn offers the children the skills they need for life beyond Bodriggy. 


At Bodriggy Academy opportunities are woven into both discrete teaching such as PSHE and Computing, through extra-curricular opportunities such as trips, camps and Forest School, and also through specific days/weeks that raise awareness of global issues that could effect them as they progress through life.

Character Development and Preventative Curriculum Opportunities at Bodriggy:

Empathy at Bodriggy


What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to feel and understand other peoples emotions and perspectives. It is a core life skill; vital for successful relationships, collaboration and learning. It is a force for social change.


How are we teaching Empathy at Bodriggy Academy?

What Empathy looks like at Bodriggy

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